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Video player plug in

hello everyone, a little question about video players
I have a video in a pop-up and I would like it to pause when the pop-up is closed, is it possible to do this without a plug-in? (if not what is the best plug-in?)
thanks a lot

I would like it to pause when the pop-up is closed

Do you mean ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’ (i.e. are you wanting the video to resume from its current position if the popup is re-opened, or just to stop playing when the popup is closed).

If it’s the former, I think you’ll need either a plugin or some custom javascript for that.

But if it’s the latter then it’s simple to do without plugins or custom code…

Just make sure that the video source is referring to some dynamic data on the page (i.e. the popup’s data, a custom state value, or any other on-page data).

When the popup is opened set that data to whatever it needs to be.

Then, use a ‘When a Popup is Closed’ workflow to run an action that resets the data that the video refers to (wherever that data is). That will stop the video from playing.

For example, set the popup content type to ‘text’, and leave the datasource empty.

Have the video ID refer to the popup’s ‘text’

When the popup is opened, define the text value as the Video ID (using a Display Data action).

When the popup is closed, clear it’s data using a ‘Reset Data’ action.

thanks a loot

You can do it easily with this plugin.

You can use 2 properties for this.

When want to stop the video, give “forceStop” property as true.
On the other hand, give “forcePlay” as true and “forceStop” as false.
Check out the demo page for more information.