Cloudfront - Access denied

I am getting the following message in chrome, firefox, safari browser on Mac and windows.
We are not able to connect to the editor, live, bug report page nor any page (except

Here is the message:

"Your browser was unable to load some necessary resources, contact your IT network administrator and ask him or her to allow access to"

I’m based in Paris, France, one of my co-workers is facing the same issue with her own application.


Weird… it’s working for me in the US. @eve gonna give you a ping :slight_smile:

Thanks Johnny!

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Yes I’m getting the same

No idea what it is about

cc @emmanuel ?

Hi Andrew, in my case I find out the issue was coming from my wifi operator.
I had to set my IP to whitelist
Hope this could help

Thanks for the heads up @hlne.

That’s not a scalable solution though. Need to ensure it doesn’t effect end users, because it’s adding more than 3 seconds to the page load time.

Hi @hlne,

I solved the mystery for me, it was due to a plugin.

For details see : Cloudfront KILLS page load times?

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