CMS and Database

Hi all,

I am new to coding and this platform.

We are looking to build an investment/wealth management website. Wanted to understand how we can use Bubble for best results and if that helps serve our purpose.

One major thing we are concerned about is how dynamic the site can be and whether we have a customizable database at the backend where we can add and update investment opportunities which can then flow onto the final website. We need to update on monthly basis where we will have new funds coming in that will get added to the existing inventory of funds on the platform.

Can you guys please suggest, if such level of customization is possible and in a simple and easy way with Bubble? Basically I add and update funds/product every month in my back end database and the same gets seamlessly updated on the final site/platform

Thanks in advance!!

Could you provide more details on what your need is? May be some example/use case will help us to answer your question