Coaching Bubble: New Dual UI Dashboard Template

Hi everyone,

Coaching Bubble has published its first template, and it’s a super sleek dual UI for location-focused reporting. Toggle between night and day color schemes and take advantage of the many pre-built workflows and elements to get your dashboard going. I’ll leave some gifs here, but please log in to the preview site to see it all in action.

Night & Day Template details & preview


Just went through the demo site and this is just way too slick!
Great job.

Also is it still the case that templates only apply to new apps and cannot be used to upgrade current apps?

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Thanks @john3! My understanding is they apply to new apps to start as a base. Not sure how applying to existing apps would work. I hope that’s something that becomes available…like how Wordpress themes can be loaded on an existing site, but it’s such a different architecture. I’ll leave that to @emmanuel and team to answer.

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Looks awesome. Great work !

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Nice looking design @romanmg!

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I have first hand experience with Gaby and her design abilities. To say the least - she is amazing and intuitive.

Looks very nice, I especially like sidebar menu. Well done!

This looks awesome. Which elements are used? And how it is structured?

Hey @tjs, thanks!

The info page linked in my original post has more details, but this template uses the Map, Ionic elements plugin, and chart plugin for main features.

There are also a handful of pre-built workflow including user registration, creating/managing data, and search.

Check out the link to play around the demo if you haven’t already!