SaaS Dashboard Templates - $29

Hi all,

I am working on a number of SaaS dashboard templates to kickstart your journey into building Software as a Service platforms on Bubble (think Mailchimp, CRMs, Hubspot etc)

I will be pricing them at $29 each and they will provide super clean, stunning SaaS dashboards with basic styling and functionality to kickstart your next SaaS project for you or clients. Designing these from scratch for my projects was always difficult.

Here is an example:

I just wanted to gauge interest, if you would buy one at that price please leave a like, otherwise suggest a different price or feedback.

These will not be fully responsive (most SaaS apps aren’t)



Hi @help how are these dashboards going?


Good! Still available if you need?

Yeah possibly. Are demos available?

Sure - I’ll pm you

@help How would this integrate into my app? I need to create a visual dashboard like this visualizing data created by a user within Bubble. Is that what these are for? If so, I’m interested in purchasing.

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Hi, they are more for starting an app, there isnt really a way to copy over a template to an existing Bubble app.

But I do freelance so happy to work on the project if that works?

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OK, thanks for clarifying. Good to know you do freelance. I’m going to take a pass at doing it myself, but I’ll definitely reach out if I get stuck.

Can you PM me your rate, minimum number of hours, etc? There are definitely certain situations where it would be worth it to pay for an expert’s time rather than spending hours banging my head against a wall because Bubble deals with databases or visualization differently than I’m used to.

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No problem! I’ll pm you

@2morses (cc: @help)

You can actually copy elements or (I believe) pages across apps.

Just get the template ➝ Create a new free app ➝ Copy the pages into your app!

Hey @help, I am also interested in checking out this template! Would you be able to PM me or shoot me an email at . Much appreciated :slight_smile:


When you say SaaS template… does it mean:

  1. Users can sign up with their company account and manage all company related data which will not be visible/accessible to other company’s users? Userlevel access permission system?

  2. Do you have a demo?

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I’d be interested in a dashboard template too. Do you have a few to choose from?

It would address this questions: User Interface best practice