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Code Knowledge vital?

Do you think its vital to know actual coding to really understand and use Bubble? Beyond the simple apps. Such as if you want to develop a more complex app or become a developer using Bubble?

What’s your guys’ and gals’ opinions?

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I define Bubble with one single sentence: if you can do Excel, you can code on Bubble

I had almost 3-4 years of experience in Wordpress and I could do more in Bubble in 2 weeks.

The “Not Real Twitter” clone is a powerful example. Javascript use would be just for very custom features, all the base and most used features are here.


I agree with @csfalcao

With the API’s that Bubble has and continues to add - knowing some programming would help (assuming an app becomes quite complex) - but even without knowing any programming languages, the level of complexity your capable of achieving just with the drag/drop interface is unbelievable!

I’m more design oriented: I came from using Microsoft Publisher a lot to design buttons etc :joy:
So when I found Bubble I was so excited!! Its a lot like Publisher… but WITH the programming…

Short answer: No - knowing code is not vital, I think a person could easily be a freelance developer and not know any code. Personally, I barely know any code at all haha. But I’m getting by alright.:grin:


No you don’t, and even if you did … which language(s) to choose.

I started off learning Java 18 months ago … then switched to … which was great for easy stuff … but as soon as you tried to do anything remotely complex they said “oh, write some javascript”. Well, I may as well have learned javascript and a framework.

However … what you do need to be is technical (logically minded ? ). As with Excel, it can get pretty complex without a single line of code. Digging around in APIs is technical but doesn’t need code.

Bubble and the many APIs are now so complex that there are multiple ways of doing things, so you can always find other ways to do stuff without code.

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