Codemin - Admin Dashboard Template

Codemin is a professional, modern UI framework that can be used to create the UI for all kind of projects: Web Applications, Backend Websites, Websites, Custom Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, or CRM.

Template page: Codemin - Admin Dashboard Template | Bubble




Reserved for Information

  • 20/3/2019: Added a new page: Coming Soon
  • 20/3/2019: Moved the CSS styling to page HTML headers
  • 20/3/2019: Added logo images on homepage with transparancy transition effect
  • 20/3/2019: Default styling for text and buttons

How many pages are included with your design and is it possible to tone down the movement effects from my end? Just balancing whether this is good for the start of my next project.

The movements are made with CSS, you can disable or edit the HTML/CSS. There are several pages.

Updated template.

Fixed responsiveness issue with onboarding wizard.

Register now button does not work on Chrome mobile.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I just deployed a fix.

Updated the template to contain an email example UI.

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I’m a huge fan of greys and blues when designing. Nice work @nocodeventure !

Awesome man! I’m happy to hear that from you.

Getting a 400 error on the YouTube link.

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Yea, I closed the account and forgot about the videos.

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Hello. I just learnt about your Dashboard template but this video is unvailable. Can you send me that video for reference then?

I’m sorry. The videos are unavailable due to removing my old Youtube channel. I forgot to store the videos.

Hey everyone!

We’ve just rolled out a major update to the Codemin template, and it’s better than ever!

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Latest Responsive Engine: Your UI will now look fantastic on all devices.
  2. One-Page Navigation: Smooth transitions.
  3. Improved Usability: We’ve made navigation easier and the template more intuitive.
  4. Simplified Structure: Customization is now a lot easierwith our streamlined template structure.

Get ready to take your projects to the next level with the updated Codemin template!