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🖥️ New free Dashboard template by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new free Dashboard template by EzCode

Template page:


The template is sold as is, although additional modification can be discussed. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas -

Hope you will like it !

Stay safe in this hard time and Cheers !

Regards EzCode team .


It looks really amazing.

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Is there any documentation available for this template?

I am stuck at editing the Items on Dashboard. For example the ‘Forms’ its say its opening url ‘forms’ but cannot find this on the list of pages.

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Very clean. For the price, I give it 5 out of 5 Bubbles.

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Hey @tinoaugustine - Unfortunately we have no documentations for free templates at this moment.

But if you have questions, please attach screenshots and explain what you have troubles with, and we will be happy to help.

Regards EzCode team .

Were you able to edit the dashboard?

Hey @premiumbrandsholding, thanks for reaching out

You can edit every block in Bubble editor easily

Hope it will help

Regards EzCode Team !


would you know how to edit amchart.js graphics, please? I am finding it difficult to edit the data such as the map, I see that there is only the code in html but I do not know where the data comes from, when I put it in my file it is blank.

Hey @wellingtonsilvah, sure

Map are initialized in workflows

More info about Amchart’s maps you can find here

Hope it helps

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

vocÊ sempre ajuda, muito obrigado!
vou tentar fazer por aqui.

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Hey Bubblers, our Dashboard Template becomes TOP-6 so we planning to make it better for you.

Working on update with responsiveness, adding more blocks and will add few more design skins.

Because the template serves a great starting point for bubblers will be glad to hear more ideas from community so we will choose best and will add them too to the next update.

Thanks all and looking forward for your ideas !

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

Hi, It’s a great and usefull template, congrats!

I’m just having a hard time setting it to be responsible, specially with the sidebar menu.

It seems that there are some settings for that, but I couldn’t find out how to adjust them…

Can you give me some adivce?


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Hey @fbernal6 , thanks a lot and appreciate your great words

You right that dashboard is not mobile friendly now, there is some conditions for smaller web devices, but not fully mobile

Great news that we planning to push update with that fixes soon, hope it will be end of March with some design improvements too - so keep in touch about new version, we will make update in this topic too

Also you can check our new Dashboard Pro template - it’s already have responsive, new cool design and dark mode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team

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Hey Bubblers, just pushed new update with Responsive for dashboard, new landing page and updated clean design

Hope you will like it !

Regards Pavel, EzCode Team !

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Looks very cool.

I was wondering, to create the dark mode/light mode, do you create a conditional on every element like: "When …'s State is ‘Light’ THEN font color: #FFFFFF?

Hey @oliviercoolen Yep, it’s a way ))

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I am getting this error with the charts (I have AmCharts plugin installed), could you let me know how to fix it? Thanks!

Hey @sws33 , looks strange, did you installed template with new app ?

I installed the template and got the Error: Footer A: This reusable element can not be found in the application.

Can you share link to your editor please ? @g111 so we can check from inside, but if you have this error it mean that some of elements was deleted