Codepen to Bubble

I’m in need of a cooler looking music player, so I’m considering using something like what I can find on a site like code pen. It will require custom JS, HTML and CSS. Is there a way to pull this off on Bubble?

Yes. You can add custom css, js and html on Bubble.

Are there any great how-to tutorials or documentation I can read that you’re aware of?

For me it’s been mostly trial and error. You can put everything in an html élément. < Style > tags for css, < script > tags for the js/jquery. Bubble automatically loads jquery but you’ll probably need an additional library, you can usually get it by copying the repository links into the script tags. Sometimes you need to make sure those run first so put them at the top. For other repos you will need to do some googling. But most of the features I’ve played with are js/jquery libs. The other touchy thing will be responsiveness and understanding how the original dev made their front end. Nothing I’ve ever tried has worked out-of-the-box on bubble because if the way their responsiveness works. Basically a lot of stack overflow and learning css js and html. If you add an example of what you’re trying to achieve, screens, links, what you’ve tried and where you’re stuck we may be able to help.

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Whoa! That is going to expand my development capabilities by a huge margin. I’ll mess around with this and if I hit any road blocks, I’ll let you know. Thanks for your willingness to help out.

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