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Coinbase Pro [New Plugin]

Plugin Link: Coinbase Pro Plugin | Bubble

Why we built this plugin:

We had an internal use case and were having trouble with the HMAC signature process, so we hired a development team to build out a custom server/api connection. That means the connection is routed via our third-party server via digital ocean and protected by cloudflare.

What this plugin does and doesn’t do:

This plugin enables bubble developers to integrate end users’ Coinbase Pro account to query account information; execute trades, deposits, and withdrawals; and track market data.

This plugin doesn’t work with regular Coinbase accounts, outside of the Coinbase Pro’s ability to query and transfer from those regular accounts- this api is strictly for pro accounts.

How to authenticate and authorize user accounts:

Create three strings in your preferred data type (i.e. User, Coinbase Account, etc.).

  1. API Key
  2. API Secret
  3. API Passphrase

When a user signs up, provide them the ability to save these to their account. Each data call / action will require sending these.

Security, Privacy, and Protection of these keys are of the utmost importance. Be sure your app is secure and that privacy settings at least block other users from accessing this user information via privacy settings. If you don’t know what this means, please review the bubble manual on privacy settings.

The server hosting the api is protected by Cloudflare

Test App:

Test Editor: Coinbase-pro-plugin | Bubble Editor

Plugin Link: Coinbase Pro Plugin | Bubble

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