Collaboration branch restriction


Having new joiners or externals on the app comes with the risk that they unintentionally or intentionally modify or delete branches.

Is there a way to restrict a user to specific branches or at least prevent him from deleting branches or are there any best practises to prevent that risk?

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Did you find a solution to this?

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No, but they mention “Branch permissions: grant different access levels to project collaborators” at the bottom, in the “What’s next?” section on the new version control page: Introducing Bubble’s New Version Control


sounds like it. Did anybody got any news on this? This is quite essential for branches.
It would be one of the biggest incentives on buying new seats.

Still nothing. At the moment, any collaborator can basically screw up your MAIN version and you wouldn’t know; as there is no changelog and no restrictions on editing it.

+1 on this bigtime. I added it to the Bubble Ideaboard here:

Upvote that feature suggestion if you want to see this implemented.

This feature is essential for working with untrusted labor. I’m not even sure of a viable workaround short of exporting the app to a new instance and having untrusted labor work there then trying to port the changes across back into the original app… that breaks all the branching/merging utility though.