[New Feature] Collaboration and Permissions

This one is for users sharing apps with colleagues or agencies. We’ve added a way to control who can do what in the application via permissions. This will make working together on a Bubble app more secure and controllable.

The main change is done in the Settings Tab. You will see the list of users that have access to the application, and what they can do. The owner of the application, as admin, is the one that can modify the permissions.

A user can be allowed to modify an app, see the database, modify the database, and access logs (or not). By default anyone that has access to the application has the right to view it.

As usual, let us know if you hit some issues. Happy collaborating!!


You guys are on :fire:


Very useful, Emmanuel, thanks!
Especially for Bubble partners where always a few people are working on a client app.
Would these settings affect the permission to delete an app?
This has been a concern for us, that one of the users can accidentally delete an app and then it’s a disaster…
Maybe it’d be a good idea to allow only the app owner to delete the app?

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Only the owner should be able to delete an app.

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Just a note. Is the Admin suppose to have the ability to remove him self (unchecked admin) shouldn’t there be a validation first that makes sure there is another admin first? Or should this be disabled by design?

That’s a good point, i’ll think about it.

Funny! I just my admin rights on my app!

I how can I re-add myself?

I’d email support for that.
Thanks for being the first one to discover the quicksand :slight_smile:

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There should be some protection against that. How did you do it?

Nothing I just unchecked the admin as I was testing it. Now it doesn’t check back. The app is called codify

Very cool feature! Thanks @emmanuel, thanks bubble team, you do a great job!

How would one implement the permissions of a non-admin collaborating bubble user who should have view and edit data access in development but not in live? These permissions would apply for programmers who should not have access to live/production data at any time.

The collaboration permissions in the settings tab do not seem to distinguish between environments.

Is there any plan to allow some happy medium between 2 and 15 collaborators? Most professional products don’t work with only 2 developers. However, the steep 3x in price and 7x in collaborators is too steep. We currently have 3-4 developers that need access, but this price hike is going to hurt. @emmanuel

EDIT: Just checked again and it’s 4x in price. We will eventually want to upgrade, but being forced to at this point will hurt us in the near term. We just need one or two more seats, not extra capacity, storage, and 13 more seats.


I have an app with complex workflows that I want to protect from being copied by agencies, in case that I hire one.

It would be great if we could restrict access to only certain pages of our app in the editor.

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I am also curious: Where can I find documentation on how collaboration with 3rd parties works?
For example:

  • How do I give access to my app when I am not on the professional plan?
  • The 3rd party can copy all my pages?
  • The 3rd party can mess up my app and if enough time passes I may not be able to revert back?

I’m in the same boat. Did you ever get any response or advice for a workaround?

Unfortunately no :confused: