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Collaboration: How to leave notes for collaborator and self?

Hello, any one knows of a way to leave editing notes within bubbles for me and my collaborators so we can keep log of what edits we need to do or have left behind for late ?

I would appreciate any notice of such feature in bubble ? if there isnt then I guess we need to use something like shared google doc or so.

Thanks for all help!

If you and your collaborators have a particular role in terms of app users, you could create a section in your app, restricted to this “role”, where each of you will be able to add / edit / see the notes.

For such purpose, you could refer to the “to do” tutorials, there’re a lot of variants on Bubble tutorials and on the web / No-code communities.

Thanks for your response @Christophe_HK. I am not sure if you are relating to the point I meant to ask about or another. I meant leaving notes for a collaborator during app design phase ( dev version) and not operation. For now bubble allows me to see the collaborator mouse cursor only but he cant leave notes nor I. Did you mean by ‘create a section’ a page for notes for our own reference ?

Edit: it turned out that the functionality is already there I just did not notice it.

Thanks, anyway!

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