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Collaborative Map

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to add a collaborative map into my application.

It’s going to be a map where logged in users will be able to see pinned spots from other users, as well add new pins to the map (and through a popup be able to add text inputs and upload pictures).

What’s the best way to accomplish this on Bubble?

Thank you

I was thinking to add an OpenStreetMap but not sure how to do that.

I’ve used the Leafy Map plugin to good effect.
On click of the map you can open e.g. a popup and the user can write their notes.

For the picture upload I’ve used Croppie since it can resize the uploaded pic b4 you put it in the database.

If you save the pins in a data type you can share them with others as needed.

Thanks for the feedback.

I am trying it, but I can’t see it working in Preview mode. Anything special I need to do for it to work?

first screenshot below is from the editor and the second is from preview

Been a while since I used it now but I followed the instructions provided by the plugin author and it worked.
Could be you need to sign up for some mapping service provider (free) if I remember correctly.

I signed up for all of them and tested with each one until I found one I was happy with.

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I just had to add a workflow on page load to show the map. Thanks though!

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