Looking for Developer | Custom map plugin for my App

Looking for a developer that can create a custom map plugin for my app.

All of the current existing maps do not provide the simple features I need a map to do within my app. If you are capable of creating plugin for bubble and are looking to do something like this please message me for more details.


Can you describe what features you need that isn’t currently supported by other plugins?

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  1. ability to show dynamic data when marker is hovered, (needs to come from an API). something like the title window on bubble’s map but also with the ability to resize the said window.

I have never done it yet, but in addition to Bubble I am a javascript programmer, so I could work on it for you

leafy maps sucks, doesn’t do what I just listed.

Hi @JohnT,
Are you still looking for help? I sent you a DM

looking for someone to build me a custom map, not looking for a “staffing partner”. I will not use your bubble developed platform to find other bubble developers…