Collapse a Hidden row in a repeating group doesn't work


I would like to collapse my RG when the group is hidden.
But it doesn’t work. Would you have a solution?


It’s work when “Set fixed number of row” is selected

But if a deselected it doesn’t work

Hello @jl1,

I’m facing the same problem, did you report this bug to bubble support team?

I didn’t understand your solution because I have a repeating group with 1 row and 1 column displayed and the hidden group inside the repeating group doesn’t collapse (Row agencing) :frowning:



You can’t do it that way (the cell will still exist if it has data in it, and your minimum height for a cell is set to 35)…

you’ll need to remove the item from the datasource instead if you want to cell to collapse…

Or you could try changing the minimum cell height to 0, and putting the min height of 35 n the group instead (that might also work)

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Collapsing group in a repeating group is not implemented by

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@audy.mot I was replying to the original post here…

Regarding your post/question, I can’t make out what the issue is as there’s not a lot of info to go on…

But, yes you can very easily collapse a group in a repeating group… so perhaps if you share some more info about the issue you’re having (or start your own thread), I’m sure someone will be able to help you…

But presumably you’ve got some layout setting set up incorrectly somewhere…

I know, you replied to JL1, :wink: and thank you for this :pray: but I think I have the same issue.

Even if the group have “Collpase when hidden” selected, and Group is visible on load page unselected. The Large space stands on load page.

Without seeing the layout settings of all the parent containers and the RG it’s impossible to say but, obviously, if it’s not displaying how you’re intending it to, then you must have made an error somewhere with your layout settings…

I’d guess the parent container has a minimum height set on it, but that’s only a guess.

Feel free to share some screenshots, or better still a link to your editor, if you want someone to be able to offer some specific guidance…

Parent Content is a also a Group

Again, I’d need to see the whole picture to give any real help (i.e the layout settings for every container from the RG down)…

But the group in your screen shot has a max height of infinity, and you don’t have fit height to content checked… meaning the group will expand to fill all the available height (regardless of whether anything inside it is hidden, even with collapse when hidden selected).

So I’d start by looking there, but you’ll need to do the same for all containers above it in the element tree (up to and including the RG itself)…

I put Min Height to 0 and selected Fit Height to Content on all groups (above and down). After that, it works like a charm !

Thank you @adamhholmes for your time.

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