Collapse group height when hidden inside popups


I have groups inside popups that hide (collpase height) when a condition is true and it works great, but I tried doing the same in the groups that are in a popup that is a reusable element and it does not work.

Does anyone know why or what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Reusables do not know what page they are on.

Three ways to communicate with them:

  • Custom states inside the RE. These states are accesible from the page if the RE is somewhere on the page (exception: if the RE is inside a repeating group; if so place a 2nd RE outside of the RG)
  • Url parameters. They can send and can read url parameters
  • Custom events. Create them inside the RE and access them through the action “trigger a reusable element’s custom event” (or something similar)

Hope this helps

Thanks, @cmarchan,

Great tips.
But the thing is that the conditionals are simple. I have only 2 groups, and I only show Group 1 when the user is logged in, and I only show Group 2 when the user isn´t logged in. These conditionals work perfect.

The thing is that one group is taller than the other one and when the short one is visible, the height of the other one is making the popup taller.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-03 a la(s) 22.31.43
This is Group 1 (up)

This is Group 2(down)
Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-03 a la(s) 22.31.50

See how the popup´s height is the same as Group 1 and both are in collapse element´s height.

Totally misunderstood what you were asking :joy:

Stack them vertically. This way when they collapse … they will collapse fully.

Wow, thanks, @cmarchan. Didn´t knew that trick. I think groups have problems when they are overlapping.

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Yeap, Never worry abt heights btw. They can be in the tens of thousands of pixels (meaning that you can have many many vertically stacked groups that you conditionally show one at a time … as you noticed the “ghost” vertical heights get resolved because they never happen)

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