Any way to have reusable elements collapse height when groups within them collapse height?

I’m trying to add a footer to another page and I have a long (2400px) reusable element that often is only 1200px but sometimes much longer. The reusable element’s height doesn’t seem to collapse when the groups within it collapse height (the height collapses within the reusable element, but the content on the parent page doesn’t collapse).

Anyone know a way to have the reusable element’s height collapse?


I just discovered the same problem. Do I just have it setup wrong? @emmanuel @fayewatson @romanmg

See, I’ve got a giant reusable element in another app that seems to collapse just fine. step_full is more than 1400px high in the editor…

…but it collapses down as short as it needs to in the live app

Now I’m trying to do the same thing in a new app and it’s not working. omni-entry is 800px tall in the editor…

…and it stays that tall in the app even when the groups inside of it collapse.

Heck, in the app where it’s working I even have NESTED reusable elements that are all collapsing like they should when their content collapses.

It looks like it’s set up correctly, can you share a link to the editor?

Right, sorry

No worries :slight_smile: At first glance, I think Group Entry may be preventing the collapse since it’s not within the Gp Card (everything) group. Can that be placed inside the everything group?

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Looks like that was it. Thanks!

Any idea why it completely prevented the collapse? I would have expected it to still collapse down to where that group was at.

Awesome! No problem at all! :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure, but my guess would be that since Bubble’s responsive engine tries to keep margins constant, and that element is not within a group, the top, bottom, left and right space remain constant (even when the element is hidden), preventing the groups beneath from collapsing in height.

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