Do popups height change based on the content inside?

I was under the impression that if you have a group in a popup that is collapsed with hidden, the popup would also shrink. Is that not correct.

Take a peek:

Live page:

Builder with group hidden that is set to collapse:

Builder with group not hidden:

Group is collapsed. I know two popups on top of each other, this is on purpose AHAH:

Is the timepicker’s parent group also set to collapse when hidden?

@adamhholmes It is set to collapse, however it is always visible.

I noticed this change of behavior a while back.

Workaround would be to seperate the groups and stack them without overlapping.

Hey @nocodeventure,

I had a hidden alert that was messing this up. I implemented your suggestion and all worked as it should once I got rid of the hidden alert. Ahah. Thank you!!!


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