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Collapse image element width when not visible

Hey, I am making a chat application and I have a image in that chat box. I want to collapse the width when the image is not visible.
Please help me to overcome this problem.
Thank you.

Assuming you’re using the new responsive engine, all you need to do is check the ‘Collapse When Hidden’ box for the image element.

As long as the parent container is a Row it will collapse the width of the image element when it’s not visible.

@adamhholmes I am not using new responsive engine… can you give some other idea please

There’s no way to do it in the old responsive engine natively in Bubble, so if you’re using that you’ll have to look in to some custom code solutions…

Here’s an old thread that might give you some ideas:

Collapsable Width - Need help - Bubble Forum

Ok thanks @adamhholmes …I will go through this

Just in case someone else is struggling with this, what I did was to

-Put the image in a group
-Set the group to collapse when hidden
-Set the group to not be visible when the image is not avavilable

Thanks @sitebuilder

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