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I am creating a page generator app where the ultimate visitors to the webpage would fall into one of 2 categories - users or visitors. Where users are the actual users of my app and creators of the page and the visitors are just that, read only visitors. On this page I have repeating groups with options that the user is able to toggle visibility on or off. The intent is to effect whether or not this item is shown to the visitor when looking at the page. My issue is if a group is hidden, the group doesn’t collapse (my thought is this is because it’s being hidden via a conditional statement, so therefore still has data coming to the page)

Any suggestions as to how to toggle visibility of an item

When loading you date in the RG, just load the data where visible = true.

The issue here is then the item vanishes for the user, so they would be unable to toggle the visibility back on.


If the user is logged in, you load everything;
If the user is logged out, you load only visible elements;

Works for you?

Is the ‘collapse when hidden’ checkbox toggled in the RG’s layout settings?

Yes, in theory this is what I’m trying to do. How would I set up this constraint/formula?

As the source of your RG you do a Search For and constrain it to show only visible elements.

In the Conditional tab of your RG you insert a condition to check if the user is logged in.

If Current User is Logged In

Then you change the source of the RG to do the Search For without constrainings…

Rafael - thank you so much. I needed a different constraint but this definitely helped guide me in the right direction! Hugely appreciative of your help!!!

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