Collapse margin + fixed margin left not working?

Hi, I’m wondering if the Responsive Hive-Mind might have any idea if this is a settings issues or a bug.

I’ve got a dashboard type of page with:

  • a floating group on the left, aka “nav bar”
  • a group on the right, aka “content”

I’ve been able to get the nav bar to hide at a certain page width, but the content portion won’t collapse when I have the responsive fixed margin to the left.

Left Aligned - it doesn’t work

Center Aligned - it works

(hat tip to @gregjohnkeegan, his YouTube videos, and that soothing voice…)

Do you have a bumper group underneath that floating group, that gets hidden by a responsive condition?

If not, I’d set it up like that. A bumper group Aligned Left, and the main group Aligned left as well. Then stick the floating group above the bumper group. When page is < px collapse the bumper group by setting the hiding rule in the responsive editor. And at the same time, hide the floating group.

That’s the ticket!

I had previously tried the bumper group. But I’ve been trying to hide via the editor visibility conditions. That didn’t work.

The responsive condition did. Thanks!

responsive sidebar

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Glad it work. Yeah the way the responsive engine is working is confusing at the best of times.
Collapse vertically only works when done as a hiding rule in the responsive editor, when set as a condition in the design editor, the element will still use the space even if it’s not visible on page.


Thanks for that! That did solve it for me as well, but only partially… if you have a width that is higher than the responsive editor hide rule and simply want to hide the sidebar while having the content fill the empty space, that solution doesn’t seem to work. It’s very weird that it doesn’t respect the collapse option…

Just for my note, I had exactly same problem (left margin not working) but my issue was the existence of alert. somehow when there is an alert object, responsibe left margin is not working…