Collapse Margins when

I have been using the responsive view in the editor to make changes to my elements.

I have been experiencing very buggy behavior associated with the ability to select “Collapse Margins when Container width”

Sometimes it is available and sometimes it is not…the buggy behavior

This makes no sense to me as literally the same element selected a different way is showing the choice to collapse margins and then choosing the same element a little bit later or by another method, the choice of collapsing margins becomes unavailable despite all things remaining the same

Why do I see the choice sometime and others I don’t?

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I’m also experiencing issues when I deselect fixed width, sometimes the options for the minimum width and max width when stretched don’t become visible…so I am forced to leave the responsive view and return to building editor, then re-open responsive view to check if the buggy behavior has stopped and I can select min width


A video to watch more buggy behavior

Watch the bottom left hand portion of the screen where the edit dialogue box is. Notice how switching between responsive mode and UI builder the “collapse margins when” is flashing and hiding…Be sure to watch the full video as at end I show how clicking off the element onto the page in responsive mode and then clicking back into the element the “collapse margins when” is able to be used.

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