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Responsive with page width option in the add hiding rules and collapse margins

Hey all!

I think most of us are looking forward for the improvements in the Responsive Editor.

To collapse the height we can use the UI Builder and conditional formatting using the page width option, however to collapse the width we need to use the Responsive Editor and respect the width of the container or parent group.

My suggestion is to add the page width option to Add hide rules and Collapse margins

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 09.25.16

Under Add hiding rules there could be a dropdown list with two options, Page width or Parent width, and in collapsing margins another dropdown list with, Page width or Container width.

Hopefully we can have something like that when Bubble releases the responsive enhancements.



Plus one to these ideas. Even just consistently showing the “Collapse margins when container width” would be helpful. Right now I often have to click around randomly on options in my element in order to get the option to appear. It’s frustrating. I’ll be so happy when improvements to the responsive editor are released, because there’s so much potential here.

+1, I’ve been hoping for this for years.