Responsive viewer broken

Did this ever get a solution or response?

I’m having the same issue where the collapse width option shows up randomly. And sometimes
it doesn’t show up at all, no matter what I do. Other times the floating options menu show up “outside” the browser window, so only a small portion of it is visible. I’ve tried this in multiple browsers and on multiple systems.

If this is indeed a bug, as it would seem, it would be amazing if it could be escalated as it makes it impossible to continue any responsive work.

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Never was resolved as far as I am aware. The only way around it I found was when the “collapse margins” checkbox isn’t available was to exit the responsive view and go back to the main editor and then open the responsive editor again…for some reason this sometimes got the option to appear again.

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Well that’s a shame. It seems to be royally busted for me now haha. Nothing I’ve tried works.

I’m able to add a new group which shows the collapse margins option just fine. So I tried adding the group that didn’t work inside of the group that does work. That behaviour is even more befuddling. The group that didn’t work doesn’t show up at all in the responsive viewer now, but shows just fine in preview mode and design mode. I’ve stripped everything out from the “faulty” group back down to a standard vanilla group, and it still doesn’t show up.

I have about 15 of these groups with fairly complex stuff going on. Some works but most don’t.
And there’s no real difference between them and no difference that would be an obvious culprit.

Guess the only thing to do here is throw it all out, take a break from it and come back at some point and redo the whole lot, and hope it doesn’t break again haha.

It really is not good enough that responsive support in the editor is broken in bubble
I was using responsive a few weeks ago and experienced similar confusion… and confusion is not what anybody wants … something “half working” is just not good enough

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I just experienced another issue with this. Was working on a form, everything was fine, in fact I really was just about finished with it, until I added a conditional to one of the elements, which shouldn’t have affected the responsive behavior at all.

Nonetheless in the responsive editor I no longer have access to the “collapse margins” but I wasn’t using it anyway…no idea why my element is no longer responsive.

Everything else has the collapse margins available, but not are using it anyway

I tested by undoing my changes and it didn’t get it to work properly as it was just prior.

Stumped, confused, dismayed.

I’ve been seeing a number of unexpected behaviour as I’ve played around learning the responsive engine. It has me concerned that bubble might not be up to scratch for a serious project relying on a responsive web app.

And I wonder if the 300.000 bubblers are few and far in between when it comes to users actually building responsive apps? You would think these issues would have a much bigger presence on the forum if that was the case.

But there are a number of bigger, successful apps built on bubble from what I understand so maybe it’s an issue only affecting a small number of users? But it also seems that at least some of these are using bubble as back end and wouldn’t rely on the responsive engine.

It does have me hesitant to jump onto a paid plan at this point. And I’ll start looking into using bubble as an MVP tool for quickly testing out iOS app ideas that doesn’t rely on responsiveness.

If you are having serious issues, you should contact bubble support. They have always been responsive, helpful and usually resolve issues. I’ve had a ton of help from them in figuring out what are bugs, unexpected behaviors or my own mistakes.

On the whole, the responsiveness of my site is spot on. There have been some hiccups, but bubble support has been able to sort things out.

I already sent them a bug report on this specific issue tonight and have been getting support on another issue.

I’d check with them, see what might be the cause of the problems and then take it from there. It took me a bit of time to understand the responsiveness, which at times could be very counterintuative, but after a while I’ve got the hang of it and I don’t think there are any issues with putting together a fully responsive app.

I should also add that the unexpected behaviour I’m seeing might only be unexpected to me. I’m solely basing it on the 3hour bubble webinar video and a few smaller non official videos.

There might be a purpose in collapsing margins only showing for some elements even if it seems completely random. It’s hard to tell with scant documentation.

The menu showing up outside the browser window however is probably not on purpose. :wink:

Not nearly enough…I still have to play around with things as I build to test and retest what works. It comes down to understanding what the responsive engine is capable of and learning little tricks from forum posts.

If you have any specific question let me know.

Thank you.

Since I’m not building a specific fully fledged app at this point I’m not reliant on it working right away. But when I do built something proper it’s good to know that you can rely on their support. That makes me feel it’s not a problem to jump on a paid plan.

Thanks for that info.

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