Collapsible Option simply not there


I am looking to build a collapsible group in my app and it looks really simple to set up but when I open the group editor there is no option to select collapse this element. I have tried new shapes, new groups and they are all the same I just don’t seem to have that feature in my editor.

I do not have the following showing in appearance:
Make the element fixed width (I can change this to another type in layout)
Minimum width
Apply max width
Collapse this element height when hidden

I know I’m doing something stupid, I’m just at a loss as to what?

Thank you

Hi there, @kmillsfuneralservice… the Collapse when hidden option will not appear on an element’s Layout tab if the element’s parent’s container type is set to fixed. So, check the layout of the parent container and see if that is the case.


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