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Collapsing a group and having the group below it adjust


I’m making a mobile app. I have a drop down menu and below it, I have 2 hidden groups on top of each other. Group 1 is shorter than group 2. Depending on what is chosen on the drop down menu, a group will be visible. Below the 2 groups I have a space then I have a 3rd group below the two groups that should adjust depending on which group is chosen.

My problem is, when group 1 is chosen (shorter group), there is a big gap before group 3. On the layout screen, I placed the 3rd group below the the 2nd group which is longer. Am I putting the 3rd group in the wrong position?

What can I do solve this?

Thank you.

Tick the option to collapse height when hidden.

Yes, I know. My question is how do I get rid of the bigger space before group 3 when group 1 is selected?

You structure your groups so that when they are hidden the height is collapsed and the others move up.

so include the space in between the groups and put it in the next group or at the end of the previous group? Will try that.

Take a look at this, I have put this demo together for you.

Thank you. Can i see the editor too?

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Thank you so much! Really appreciate this.