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Collapse elements

Is it possible to collapse elements such as text when they are hidden? or is the only way to put them in their own group first and then collapse the group?

That’s the right way - “put them in their own group first and then collapse the group?”

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I am still having a hard time seeing the results of collapse when hidden. If I have a groupA that is 10px in height and y is 10, and I place another groupB on the page where height is 10px and y is 20. Then if I hide and collapse groupA, groupB is now supposed to change it’s y to 10 and move up on the page? I don’t see that happening.

Can you share a link. It will be better to help you

OK I never did this before but hopefully it works:

Here is a screen shot of the page:

The green bar and image is part of a group that is set to collapse when hidden. This group is on when user is logged in. There is another thin green bar behind this group that appears when the picture group is hidden.

My issue that I cannot get to work on any groups that I make is that I need the group with the type, “This is a test” to move up to fill in the space left by the hidden image group. Without that function, I cannot hide elements without leaving gaping holes in my layout.

@katcabin-bubble I had a very quick look at your app. I’ve noticed that there is groups within groups. I think that might be the problem because the elements you want to move up is in the same group as where the image group is that gets hidden.

I’ve created a page groups in your app. Click the buttons and see the different effects. Move the hide group D button out of the group, click it and see the difference from previously.

Hope it makes sense.


Wow that’s interesting. I think you might have nailed it. I moved my test type group out of the parent group and just on to the page, collapsed everything else, and now it moved up to where I expected it to be. So that might be a limitation within Bubble that would need some workarounds (a different thought process).

Thank you for your help! I am impressed with the response of Bubble users in the forum!

I’ll play around with it further and holler if I get stuck again.