Collapsing Group inside Repeating Group

I have a fixed height repeating group with 2 rows in the editor. Inside each cell is a group that collapses when hidden. The app starts with each collapsable group hidden, and when this happens I only see 3 cells displayed in the repeating group with a blank space underneath. There’s space for more cells, they just don’t load. I suspect this is because initially there’s only supposed to be 2 displayed with the collapsable groups visible.

I recreated the problem in the forum app. You can see two cells in the editor with the collapsing group, and in the preview you’ll only see 3 cells loaded initially. If you try to scroll the repeating group you’ll see more results loading, but obviously a user wouldn’t think to scroll if they see so few cells. Any ideas?

I don’t understand what your desired goal is with this one. I’ve looked at the forum app, and it looks like it’s working exactly as you built it. You said, “Load 2 cells in this fixed space.” It’s definitely doing that. What’s the purpose of the collapsing group?

I know what you mean Andrew but it’s not behaving normally. The editor has only 2 cells, but it’s a scrolling group, so what I want is to see the group full of cells. There are 6 data entries to display, but it only loads 3 out of 6 entries in the preview, even though there’s space for all 6 (thanks to the collapsing groups being hidden). If you scroll on the group, the remaining entries load and fill the empty space. Does that make more sense?

tl;dr l want the repeating group to be immediately filled with cells, not scrolling to load the empty cells

P.s. the collapsing groups represent an essential part of an app I’m building, i can’t do without them

I understand what you’re saying, but what you are wanting to do is not what you’re telling Bubble to do. In the repeating group, you are explicitly telling Bubble, “I want to show 2 cells at a time.” Bubble is saying, “Ok, great. When you scroll, I’ll show more.”

Bubble doesn’t care about the physical space, it’s listening to the instructions you told it.

Yeah but if I tell it to show 6 cells, I can’t fit in the collapsing group in the editor. Do you have any ideas?

I don’t really know what your constraints are, such as why it’s a set height and whatnot. If you could provide more examples as to what your use case is, that’d be helpful.

So, in my app, the first group with the header text is a message box where user-created text messages appear. When another user posts a comment on that message, it appears in the second (collapsible) group. So the collapsible stays hidden unless a message in the feed has a comment. I have icons in the collapsing group that makes shrinking the group down not possible; it needs to be that size to fit the content I want to appear with the comment.

Got it. Next question: What’s the 2 cell limit for?

To fit the collapsing group into the cell in the editor without extending the height of the repeating group. It’s next to other groups that have the same height.

Can I summarize by saying it’s a design decision? Other elements are that height, so you want this element to be that height, too?

Yeah that’s exactly right.

Ok, I’m caught up I believe. Thanks for clarifying!

Unfortunately, I’m just not sure of a way to make it do what you’re wanting. After all these questions, sorry I’m not more help!

No problem, thanks for trying! It might be worth submitting a bug report if it’s this difficult @emmanuel ?

Well, I don’t think it’s a bug. It’s working as intended, just not as you intend it. It looks like more of a feature request to my eyes.

It’s not really working as intended. I agree that I’m telling Bubble to display two cells in the repeating group, but it’s supposed to FILL that repeating group with those cells, and it’s not doing that (obviously because they collapse, and the two collapsed cells are not high enough to fill the group). So if the repeating group is supposed to be filled with the chosen number of cells, and it can’t fill the space with those cells as intended, it only makes sense that it’d load more cells to fill the space.

Thinking about it another way, I’ve told Bubble to only display two cells, but when I scroll down it displays many more than two (assuming you have more than two entries), so the functionality exists to display more cells that originally stated in the editor for a vertical scrolling group. It’s just that Bubble isn’t applying that functionality automatically to the blank space created by the collapsing groups, it takes me scrolling manually to achieve it.

tl;dr Bubble can (and logically should) do what I want it to do, it just doesn’t do it automatically.

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