Repeating group inside the Repeating group's Cell does not Collapse

I am trying to make a menu list with multiple layer looks something like this: (click on “>” in the left menu)

But the issue is Repeating group inside the Repeating group creates unnecessary space which is supposed to be collapsed when there are no data in the cell. Is this a bug?? This is what I made by now.



Please help if somebody knows how to collapse the height in the cell.

You have to place the inner RG in a group. Then set the group to collapase

Thanks @AliFarahat .

Ok, I placed the inner RG in a group and checked "Collapse Element’s height when hidden. But, it seems
the issue still remains. Unable to collapse the empty cell. Am I missing something?? Thank you again.

I managed to make it work by grouping the RG. This is how it looks like. Thanks @AliFarahat




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