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Collecting anonymous stripe payment ( qr menu restaurant checkout)

newbie - have checked over the V3 docs charge_current_user.

With the exception of email this scenario fits my feature pretty well. Install the plugin for stripe V3 and use the workflo/action for charge current user…

I want to handle the CC payment by a visitor to restaurant who needs std. checkout that follows a food order made from qr-menu type web interaction.

This scenario does not normally involve customers . They are just anonymous diners who need to pay. Email reqmt in the docs for charge current customer is superfluous in my use case.

Is there a way i can avoid it OR do i have to look for other dialogs like using API connector to brute force a paymentIntent type interaction with its component properties ( prices , products , list ) ??

not using legacy restaurant POS for anything . this is a standalone prototype solely for online qr-menu, orders, CC Paymnt
great product … TIA

@rowntreerob yeah the native bubble stripe plugin requires a user to exist. You could work around it by using create account for someone else with a hardcoded password in the workflow. Then login as that user, use the hardcoded password.

Then you can use that stripe action, it will send a receipt i think to the account email. So you’ll need to ask for only the email in your UI.

Then at the end of the charge, delete the account.

Kind of hacky but it will work for a prototype.

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FWIW i did a post on my findings… some bugs in the api connector but workarounds are fine

what i did