Collection of Freelance Service Provider Templates

I have created a series of Freelance Service Provider Templates. These templates all have been developed using the same components and therefore share all the same functionalities.

All of the documentation is applicable to each template.

They are fully responsive, equipped with payment system, extensive set of emails to communicate with users, fully functioning customer support email system and so much more.

The documentation includes over 35 pages outlining every detail of the app data types, option-sets, pages, reusable elements and backend workflows.

Additionally, there are 24 videos with more than 6 hours of run time outlining every page and reusable element as well as how to set up Stripe subscriptions.


• Landing Page
• Payment System
• Responsive Design
• Internal Messaging System
• Customer Support Email System
• App Owner Admin Dashboard
• Provider Search
• Employer Search
• Help-Center (68 Articles)
• Frictionless On-Boarding Flow
• User Admin Page
• Extensive Set of Email Communications
• Email Unsubscribe
• User Recommendations
• Email Verification
• Phone Verification
• Responsive Header
• Responsive Footer
• Over 25,000 USA cities & towns in D.B.

Check out the extensive Documentation at:

For video documentation please view the links on the documentation pages at the link above. All video links are provided in the corresponding page, option-set or reusable element area of the document.

For a quick video introduction to the app please view the videos at:

Sign Up / Subscribe / Edit Profile -

Landing Page / Footer -

App Owner Admin / Help Center -

Demonstration Log-In Credentials:

Demo-Provider: Email ( Password (demo)
Demo-Employer: Email ( Password (demo)
Application-Owner: Email ( Password (demo)

The templates are sold “as is”. Any customizations would require the template purchaser to implement or the hiring of a freelancer. Template Provider does offer customization services. Any inquiries for customization services should be posted here and be sure to tag the developer @boston85719

In the case of any bugs, please post here and be sure to tag the developer @boston85719 and a fix will be deployed ASAP. In the case of any bugs reported that are the responsibility of bubble, the template purchaser will need to coordinate with Bubble support.

Support for development and customizations is limited to the extensive documentation and videos provided.

An intermediate experience level of Bubble is recommended for users who wish to customize the template. A beginner Bubbler can purchase the template and launch a business in a single day without a need to customize the template.

Any service provider type that does not currently have a template created for that you are interested in? Please tag the developer @boston85719 to post a request for the service provider type of your choosing.

Interested in purchasing a set of templates? Post and tag the developer for more information regarding discounts for package deals.


G’day @boston85719

LOVE the templates you have created.

Simple question first, is there anything stopping a business in Australia using the template and customising to their own needs?


Thank you. I’m glad you like them, and I appreciate you reaching out for more information.

Absolutely not. Customizing the templates is something that is easy enough to accomplish. Some customizations may require some assistance, but it is no different than building on Bubble in general.

Currently the template has a list of US states and Cities/Towns in the Database to perform the distance based searches. This can easily be replaced by or complemented by (if used in both Australia and USA) a list of Australian states and Cities/Towns.

If you have a CSV file with the names of all states and corresponding cities/towns it is not a complicated process to load them into the database.

If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know.



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@boston85719 I have a specific use case that I would like to use the template marketplace for. Would you be able to customize this for me to purchase?

Hi @derek.q.jackson

Yes I am able to do customization on purchased templates. All of the templates are pretty much built with the same structure, so any of them would be useful as the starting point prior to customization.

Once you purchase the template, I’d be able to make the changes and add the features for your customization requests.

Please PM for more details regarding a customization price quote, and include your customization feature requests for me to gauge an approximate number of hours required to make the changes or add the features.



@boston85719 Hello and amazing Recruiter MP! Love the matching element and that it is more than just a template…great job! Documentation is incredible - better than most dev firms I have worked with over the years :slight_smile:

I am new to Bubble and have been looking at entirely different avenues/options to build our platform from the ground up. I would definitely like to consult you for customizations for our specific industry and users. How do I email or speak with you?

Thanks and hope we can work together!


Hi Matt,

How can we discuss APP customization adding a crm to the system? Is there a PM system to chat? Its my first time in the forum.

Thanks, Donnie

@boston85719 Just curious about the “updated last” dates and the differences in the features between the earlier versions and the later e.g. Interior Designer (Jan 10, 2021) and Roofer (Aug 24, 2021).

I have no idea how Bubble decides when to put an ‘update last’ date in regards to what changes have been made…my assumption is they do this whenever the developer submits the template again, which could be for various reasons as simple as changing the description of the template.

More than likely that is the reason for the differences, as there have been no changes made to the functionality of the applications.

@boston85719 Okay perfect thanks for the quick response!

No worries. If you have any concern about it and feel the more recent ‘updated last’ date is a better option, it wouldn’t really matter which template you chose if you intend to change the type of freelancer it is intended for.

Same here.

@boston85719 I am in Africa we do not use stripe payment service provider , we use Paystack how can Integrate this into any of these applications

Hi @chukwudiokeke5011

I am not personally familiar with paystack so can’t give precise method for integrating. However, if a plug-in already exists you could use the plugin in place of Stripe plugin. Alternatively, if no plugin exists you could use the API if paystack offers an API.

@boston85719 In the template for interior designers I noticed there is no space for their portfolios like pictures of previous jobs done show to prospective clients before being hired for a job

Hi @chukwudiokeke5011

Thanks for your interest in the template. You are correct in your recognition that there is not a place for such display. If you’d require such display you’d be able to add that to your app after purchase. If you’d need assistance with such customization I offer customization services and would be happy to assist.

Feel free to reach out in a private message to discuss the details of your needs.

Will one of these marketplace templates be updated to Bubble’s new responsive engine?

@robert Yes, in the future, once the responsive engine is out of Beta and officially launched there are plans to update the responsiveness. It is unknown when Bubble will get the new flexbox engine out of Beta, but once they do, I will be putting updating the responsiveness onto my schedule of things to do. Likely at that point the design will change as well.

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Hi was trying to reach out for some customization services/features from the standard template. Not sure how to send a Private Message. Can you message me so we can get the conversation started about the work, hours required, price? Thanks

Please let me know what is the best way to talk privately about custom work and pricing. I had sent you an email too. Please reply if you see it. Thank you.