[Showcase] FREE TEMPLATE - Travel Marketplace like Airbnb

Hey there Bubblers :star_struck:

I am super excited to announce my first template launch. :clinking_glasses:

About two weeks ago, I started to build a FREE template library, hoping this may help bubblers build faster and create more creative solutions. @kaiphilip suggested that I should build a Airbnb-like home-sharing marketplace so here we are. (thanks for the idea!)

Travel Marketplace like Airbnb

Template Page

Designed by Nalfe, this template is a travel, hotel, home sharing marketplace template similar to Airbnb, where travellers can book accommodations from hosts. The app offers a landing page, checkout page, and listing setup.

What’s Included:

Features for travellers:

  • Browse by destinations
  • Advanced listing matching by city, number of guests, type of property, and price
  • Book by night
  • Nearby listings display
  • Booking confirmation page

Features for hosts:

  • Easily create listings
  • Easily add amenities
  • Drag-and-drop listing location on a map
  • Listing portfolio management

If you find any bugs, want any customisations/changes/support in the template, feel free to ask any questions below or drop us a request here.

For new Bubblers, understanding the custom states, conditionals, and some workflows can be hard. Please ask here if you need any further explanations.

As I mentioned, I collect new template ideas from this community. So if you got any template build in mind, please reply to this thread. I’ll add your idea to my to-do list.

Happy bubbling!!! :relaxed: :relaxed:


Congratulations on your launch. Great looking template

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This is awesome, it looks like the real site. I didn’t know we could create such amazing sites. This motivates me to learn more and hopefully create sites like that one day.


Awesome. Looks fantastic !! :rocket:

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This template is amazing. You did such a great job. Quick question, what is suppose to show on the accounts area? I noticed when you click that button in the menu (once logged in) it doesnt lead anywhere.


I haven’t built the account page yet. Let me know if you have any ideas how to expand on this template. I will try to make it happen!

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I’m going to spend some time in the next 2 weeks adding features to this template.

Comment below if there are features you want to see!

Some problems as discussed:

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. I can see that you have reached your database storage limit. This has to do with your Bubble free plan. You’d need to upgrade it for a larger storage. Alternatively, you can create a new app with the latest version of our template - we have reduced the size of the database to prevent hitting the free plan limit.

This is a template designed for the international audience. Many countries use only the Country-City combination for their addresses and not Country-State-City like the US. If you want to filter the cities by state, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new table called “state”
  2. Add a field “country” and select the “country” table as field type
  3. Add a field “state” and select “text” as field type
  4. Under the table “city”, add a field “state” and select the “state” table that you just created as field type
  5. On the page (first screenshot), replace the state input box with a dropdown and select “state” as data type. For the data source, search for “state” and filter for the country using the value of the country dropdown.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Ed,

We are having trouble using the standard search box. We want to use to start typing in their address and the location to load automatically. We have chose geographic places under Choice style in the element and it doesn’t seem to present the addresses as the user types.

I built another blank page app, and added a search box and it worked straight away = which leads me to believe there is something in the template preventing it.

Would appreciate your help!

What we want>


Hey Ed! Also, are you able to bring your “app like calendly” functionality into this app? If its not something you wanna do, can you offer guidance on how we can bring those two togehter?


Hey @rifat.rajudeen thanks for the feedback it would be nice if you can provide more details on this, do you mean a per hour airbnb booking?

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Gotcha. I’ve just rebuilt the page for this behaviour that you’re asking for:

If that’s what you’re looking for, simply use our extension to paste the updated package - I’ve changed the setting of s-flexible and header - it will not replace your existing elements but you can checkout/ change s-flexible_1 and header_1 for the behaviour above.

Cheers :partying_face::woman_technologist:t2:

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Hi @tryrentpapa Did you install the component from the extension? If so, can you PM me with a link to your editor so I can look into this for you.

hi, I already installed your extension. but the component is not working for my app.
I use new header in my app after installing. But the result still can not show.
for your information, my case is a little different from the one you post.
I don’t use google address, I just use the template you design searching “category”.

Got it. It is difficult to work out the issue without looking at the editor. Can you PM me the link to the editor? I only need the view-only permission.

Dear @edtyli9

thanks for your work.
I tried you stripe integration unfortunately there is no integration with the “3D secure”

Do you have in your plan to adjust with the interpretation of the return of the stripe api “payment_intent.requires_action” because actually if a user do a booking there is no money transfert to stripe.


Hello, I work on the airbnb template and also use workflows from the like calendy template. I am trying to implement an hourly reservation, for a minimum of 1 hour or several hours. I was able to display the hours available on a given day only when someone needs only 1 hour, I can not cope with displaying the available time when someone needs to reserve for more than 1 hour.

I will show it on the screenshot:

I will describe exactly what is going on. If I choose the duration of 2 hours, I do not want to display, for example, 13., because from 13. it is only free for one hour, if you choose the rental for 3 hours, then it should not be displayed at 12 and 13.

@anna86g This may be tricky. I can check if I can solve it quickly. If we can’t, we may have to do a major database update. Please can you DM me your editor?

can you tell me how to share editor?