Color Picker - Precise Transparency Setting?

Anybody knows how to change which color picker shows up for a field?

I need to set color transparency precisely within conditions - and out of the box I can do it numerically for Background color but not for Border color (have to guess-pick on the vertical slider which does not cut it).

The inconsistency of the two color pickers sitting right next to each drives me crazy.

Color Picker Screenshot

The only workaround I have found so far is to set the color dynamically using the 8-digit hex notation that includes the alpha channel transparency information (you can’t copy&paste such values into the color picker, but you can set it dynamically e.g. via Option Set → praying that really works consistently).

Hey there, can you please file a bug_report so our team can look into why these two color pickers are behaving differently?

OK, will do. Thanks.