Transparency of element

How can I control the transparency of an element ?

When you modify the background color (or any color), you have an opacity scale on the right.


Minor feature request (and easy to work around so not urgent by any means): it would be great if one could also just input __% opacity, which is faster than sliding the vertical bar and more consistent when a given app uses only a few transparency settings (e.g., 30%, 90%) depending on the state.


We’ll put that on our list. No promise for delivery though :wink:



how come I can’t see the opacity scale you’re referring to?

@Rogelio press the color box in the HEX input to open up the color picker and you´ll find the transparency options next to it.

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aha! thanks @Kackur

you can easily miss it.


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Really would be useful for proper Material Design!

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Is there any chance for an improvement of the color picker to check color’s transparency level like hex/decimal value or percentage via design view?
Well You know… it is a bit weird and time consuming to control this via debugging window’s information about specific element’s color value :wink:

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Thanks for that tip. I didn’t think about doing that. For those of you who are familiar with web dev / inspector tools, a workaround that works today to get an exact value in there could be (example done in Chrome, but there are similar dev tools for Safari, Firefox, and other browsers):

If you go into the color picker now, you should see it at the level you wanted.

Does anyone know how to make an image transparent?


I’m also interested to know if it’s possible to make an image transparent, especially if it could be programatically.

Hi, I noticed that on background of elements besides the slider an input is available to set the transparency, but text color and border color for example only has the slider. Is it possible to add the input field here also?


I’d be great if elements had the “Opacity” property just like in CSS. The background opacity doesn’t replace it as we may want the whole element and its children to be affected, not just its background.


I agree. Specific transparency is available to be set numerically for element background, but there’s only a slider available for text color.

Makes it more difficult to follow proper material design guidelines.

Is this an easy fix just to add a numerical value picker instead of a slider?