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Color picking from images provided by designer

btw, it would be nice if one could load some designer-provided images in the project to be able to copy colors (have a button for that at the color picker tool maybe) from those images (with a picker tool), then remove the images. Maybe with HTML5 you can pick color from the screen too (like getting a screenshot), but not sure if and which browsers support that, so it’s probably easier to upload the design images to pick the colors from them (would still need HTML5 Canvas support I guess)

also, maybe populating a color palette for your project and then being able to pick colors from that palette would be useful

in my case I have a UI draft designed in Ionic Creator ( and I would like to be able to pick colors from it. I have screenshots (at that I could upload to Bubble to then color pick from

  • Speaking of uploading such draft images, being able to use them as guiding background layers in the designer would also be nice (design my UI over them)

Our current editor isn’t great with importing design assets indeed. We introduced styles last summer and that was the first step in making designing apps easier, we certainly have more work to do there. It’s not a very quick win though. But on our list.

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There are some good color picker extensions for Chrome and Firefox such as, you can then use the hex codes in bubble very easily! I’m not sure about Apple tho.

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