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Color Search Box

@emmanuel I was chatting to Paul from Blockspring,about implementing their color match block and he asked a simple question… “Do you have a colour input in Bubble?” And the answer is… I don’t think so!

I found this: which offers a few formats. A simple Input like Google’s color search on Images would be a great start. I did try with some HTML

input type=“color” id=“html5colorpicker” onchange=“clickColor(0, -1, -1, 5)” value="#ff0000" style=“width:100%; height:100%”>

but can’t figure out how to make that an actual input.

What do we do now?? And once we’ve got a color picked, how do we search for it??

Can we have a color search input please??


I think that would be hard to do.

An alternative would be to make a simpler colour picker yourself which sets the hex/rgba from something you click.

Which block are you thinking of using ? I haven’t seen a “search in this folder for a hex colour” block ?

Another way to do this would be to do the colour checking when you store the image. Use the “get main colours” block, and store the RGBs that come back. Then you can search for these using a home made colour picker.

Well… no… I’m scrabbling around trying to get to grips with the whole Blockspring thing…

the get-main-colors block doesn’t currently work in Bubble :cry:

This is quite specific, so that’s the kind of things we’d do on a sponsored basis. Reach out of you want to talk about it. But as our elements don’t take a dynamic color, it’d be only for Blockspring, so not extremely useful im afraid.

You say [quote=“emmanuel, post:4, topic:1927”]
our elements don’t take a dynamic color
don’t not can’t. But it seems like you are saying it’s not ever going to be possible in Bubble. Am I right? I really don’t “get” Blockspring, so I’m really looking for some clear clarity here.


Right now elements properties that are colors can be changed in condions, but cannot be a dynamic expression. That’s what I mean. We could change that at some point but not very soon (we have a lot to do before that).

But it does sound like he wants to be able to search by a selected colour … Rather than have a dynamic element colour ?

Assume this is searching images?

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That would do it… any ideas? Blockspring is defeating me so far. I “think” we’re supposed to add the Block to Bubble, AND do something with Google sheets and make it all talk to each other. OR am I completely wrong?

Blockspring would the best way to get this to work, if you can cajole everyone into sorting out how the data cones back. As you say, it is broken right now :frowning:

You wouldn’t need a Google sheet for that, just send your image (which I think is possible) and get back the list of colours.

Trying to do it offline … Would be much harder. So sending something to a Google sheet and then updating with colours and read it back.