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Colour Code attaches to the item name?

My app allows the user to create and name colour coded stages. It works fine on the input screen but when you access the item later the colour code has attached itself to the item name. My edit item function works to change it back but I can’t figure out what I did that the color code gets tagged to the name at creation.

This is what it looks like:


Any ideas?

Thank you

Hello @wbjbreland welcome to the community!

If you share some screenshots on the logic used may enable folks here to better provide suggestions to help :smiley:

Thanks @cmarchan believe it or not when I went back to the logic to copy it into this thread I found the problem. I was using a regex (which is a tad bit beyond me) and I realized I forgot to add the :last item after the extract. It works now. Believe it or not, you asking for the logic really helped!

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