:items # question

Hello, so I’m trying to display particular data in a text format from my App Data. I used “Do Search for” and then choose the Data Type’s name. Then, I want to use specific item from the list. I tried to use :items # but for some reason I can’t put a number after the function.

For instance, in Shopping List app data, there is a field called ‘Fruits’, and then I want to display apple which is the number 4. I tried to use :items # 4 but the 4 somehow didn’t get recognize by the expression.

I just need the answer for this, I’ve been looking for the answer for quite some time. Thank you!!

You should be able to add a number after that expression. Would you mind showing screenshots of your expression so we could further check it out?

all the yellow text is just using the auto complete

Just click somewhere except the expression builder area.

Yeah that should work. Try clicking outside the expression

EDIT: Hitting enter sometimes if not most of the time automatically chooses the screen size (320px)

I tried that and just click anywhere but it still shows red on the expression with (More…)

Sorry, I’m still very new in bubble lol

Not outside the element’s property. Just within the property editor

ah I see thank you so much!

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