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Colour Search box

We want to have a colour search like this:

How can we do it?

Everything that’s searchable in your database, like art pieces, would have to have a list of texts added to them with the colors that are in the piece (or just the dominant colors). Then you can create those little boxes as shape elements and when they are clicked they update a custom state in which a search can be run on. I would imagine it would use -custom states color -is in- image’s list of texts. That’s how i would do it.

Blockspring has a colour matcher that would do this.

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@emmanuel I was chatting to Paul from Blockspring, and he asked a simple question… “Do you have a colour input in Bubble?” And the answer is… I don’t think so!

I found this: which offers a few formats. A simple Input like Google’s color search on Images would be a great start. I did try with some HTML

input type=“color” id=“html5colorpicker” onchange=“clickColor(0, -1, -1, 5)” value="#ff0000" style=“width:100%; height:100%”>

but can’t figure out how to make that an actual input.

What do we do now?? And once we’ve got a color picked, how do we search for it??

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