Column Layout - Anyone figure this out yet?

I have a column group that stretches the entire height of the page.

I have an image in that group which I would like to snap to to BOTTOM of the column.

As far as I can tell, this is impossible in bubble - what am I missing?

This is easy enough to do in the new responsive engine…

There a probably multiple ways to do it (depending on your setup), but the simplest way to to it (as far as I’ve found) is just to add another element in the column group (such as another group) before the image, with no maximum height (and NOT set to fit height to content).

That group will expand to take up the full available height of the parent group, keeping the image at the bottom of the group.

Hello @ian11
It’s very easy in the new responsive engine
Just make the image group as “Make Last”

Yeah - Ok, I can see how this would work. I’m just shocked that this has to be a workaround. In other no-code responsive or flexbox software I’ve worked with, you can just set the vertical and horizontal snapping.

Thanks for your help - this is what I’ll do!

This will make it the last row in a column, but what I am puzzling through is how to make it snap to the bottom without any other rows in the column.