Combine Dropdown and Checkbox RG Filters

Hi -

I have an RG that I want to filter by three dropdowns and one checkbox.

I need the dropdown filters to work if the user hasn’t selected an option so I used the “ignore empty constraints option”. This worked perfectly until I learned I also need to be able to filter based on a yes/no field as well. When I added the checkbox, I took a suggestion from another forum post about using conditionals and use :filter to further filter by the checkbox.

However, now when I run the RG, four of each thing appears instead of one.

Does anybody have any idea why, and a better working solution?

“Four of each thing appear” ?

Can you share screenshots of your setup?

each thing is repeated four times.

here is how I have set up the Conditional tab (i don’t have anything on for Data Source on the main tab):

For the main “Do a Search” I have the filters for the dropdowns:

For the “Advanced :filter” I have a further filter on the check box:

The other condition is the same, except for checkbox = “yes”.