Combining cell index

I have a list of projects that currently showing the current cell index, I would like to combine that number with the task cell index:
project numbers-1
There is probably a better method to what I’m trying to achieve, is cell index the right way to go?

HI there, @eldados… what are you trying to achieve? Do you just want the combined number for display purposes on the page? If so, how are those two repeating groups displayed? Are they nested?

Hi mike
I’m trying to have a number for each section and then add .number for every task, so i can refer to a task by it’s number:
2.22 is task 22 in section 2 etc.

Yup, that part was clear… but do you need to save that number in the db for any reason when a task is created or are you just displaying the number on the screen so someone can verbally refer to a task by its number?

Will be good to have this number associated with the task in the DB
Thanks Mike!

Okay… so you don’t have any numbering steps in place as projects and tasks are created the db, but rather your screenshot is just showing the index of the row in the repeating group, right?

If that’s the case, then I think you have to add a numbering step to your workflows for the creation of projects and tasks. When a project is created, you find the number associated with the most recently created project, you increment that number by one, and you save the incremented number along with the new project. When a task is created, you do a similar thing but at the task level… search for the most recently created task under the same project, increment its task number by one, combine the incremented task number with the project’s number, and save the combined number with the new task.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps.


Thanks for your support so far Mike, greatly appreciated.
What you are saying sort of make sense to me.
The project part was easy, just do a search for projects and ;count + 1

The topic (task) numbering is a bit more challenging as I can’t figure out how to filter just the parent topics(tasks), all I get is the number 1 in my DB

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I would have gone this way with the project number…

For the topic, I assume it is being created in a way that its project is known (in my example, the topic is being created in a group that has a parent project), and if that is the case, here is how I would create the topic’s number…

Make sense?


Makes complete sense (thanks for taking your time with this)
When I search for Topics, My Project has no option for =

That’s the part that depends on how you have the page/area set up where a user creates a topic. How is that page/area configured?

This is the page:

And this is the new topic group:

Wish I could sit next to you for an hour! :slight_smile:

It’s still a bit difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on, but you might just need to set the Type of content in the first image to Project and then configure it’s data source. That being said, it would certainly be easier if I could poke around under the hood, so if you want to share a link to your editor, I could have a look.

hey does this mean that each project can have any number of topics , which later could add more data to the topic

Hi there, @info_ptmx… I’m not sure I understand your question, but if you are asking if having a vendor id and incrementing it by 1 for every new vendor means each vendor can be associated with many topics, then no, that’s not what that means.

If you want a one to many relationship between vendors and topics, I would add a topics field to your Vendor data type, and that field’s type would be your Topic data type, and the field would be a list. Then, as you add topics “underneath” a vendor, you can add the topics to the topics list for that vendor.

Again, I’m not sure I understood your question, so my apologies if my response is way off base. Hope I was in the ballpark, though.


ok understood will try it out