Combining CSV uploads

Hey all,

I have been making use of the CSV upload feature, and have a question. I am looking to be able to:
-upload 2 different CSVs that have the same company names(they are lists of people at companies). One list has the company information, and the other the contact information.
-Once these are uploaded, I want the user to be able to download a csv result of the file being merged. (the contacts added to the appropriate company.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Not sure if the logic needs to occur as a workflow during csv upload or in the backend

I’d use a workflow

If I’ve understood your question correctly then I assume you have a field of type Company for your contacts, right? And you want the contacts properly linked to uploaded company records.

The csv upload feature doesn’t support linked data types so try the following. Add a text field to your Contact data type called company_name_text. In your CSV for contacts, include this field and enter the names of the companies as text. They have to match the company names in your Companies csv exactly. Now in your workflow that uploads the contacts csv, you should have a step that calls an API workflow on the list of uploaded contacts. In this API workflow you should have a step to make a change to the contact. The change is to link the contact to the first company that has a name matching the value in the field company_name_text of the contact.

I hope this makes sense. I’m assuming that you’re familiar with searches and using API workflow with parameters, so I’m not going into that level of detail.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the detailed response-extremely helpful and I am following. I am not versed in how to do the API piece. I’ll look into it further, but any direction you can help with is greatly appreciated!

Having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to link the contact to the first company that has a name matching the value company_name in the API workflow. Would be great see an example…

I have structured the data to have Company CSV: Company, and Contact CSV: First name, Last Name, Company_text, Email. Just not sure how to point these at each other with the api.Note(user will upload both files)


Okay, here are some screenshots …

  1. The contact data type

  2. The API Workflow endpoint

  3. The API Workflow step to link the company to the contact

  4. Calling the API Workflow after uploading contacts

I note that you say your users will upload the CSVs. Note then that your contact csv should not include the Company field. It should include the company_name_text field but not the actual company field. I recommend that you create your csv templates for company and contact and give them a three step process - download templates, upload company then finally upload contacts in that order.

Hope this helps.

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@louisadekoya We now support ‘upload as csv’ with linked data types when the field contains uniqueids

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Thanks for the update @neerja. I’ll check it out.