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Hi everyone sorry to bother,

i am trying to figure out how to implement a comment system on a post.

I have an activity feed like linkedin where users post and other users can comment on the posts. I am not really sure how to create the UI so when a user clicks on comments, a group pops down with all the comments and an input for the users to write down a comment and also when the user wants to comment on a comment a group to pop down for the with an input to write a comment on that comment.

I have a repeating group ‘posts’, then I added another repeating group inside this repeating group comments the and inside that repeating group another repeating group comments of comments. The thing Im stuck with is making the UI so the group inside the repeating group contracts or extends when the users clicks on comment. Each repeating group is limited by the size of the other repeating group so when I hide a group so when the user clicks and it pops down it cant be seen because of the fixed hight of the repeating group. Any ideas of how I can solve this? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I am trying to achieve the same comment style of linkdn

Hello check this template. It can help you.

Put each of the comments RGs into their own group. Then check the “collapse when hidden” option on those groups. Make them not visible on page load.

Then add a workflow for when your user clicks comments to show the respective group.


Hey thanks for the answer just gave it a try and it does exactly what you said thank you.
I will update if I get stuck somehow but so far so good!

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