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In a social app, how do I make each post have a separate comment thread?

Create a Data Type of Post and second Data Type of Comment. Have a data field in Post called PostComment of type Comment. Then create the workflows to create instances of each as needed and also the logic to associate the Post and respective Comments as needed.

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Thank you @nikolai ! I believe I set the database up correctly. The issue arises when I display the data.

For instance, if I comment on one post, it will show up in all of the comment threads in the repeating group.

In the comments, add a field type post. When you create a comment, add in the post field = this post.

And when searching for the comments, filter by this post.

That should show only the comments on the posts where they are created.

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Thank you for your help @yusaney1 ! I’m attempting to do exactly what you said but I somehow seem to have missed something along the way.

Are you saying the following:

Data Type: Comment
_ Data Field: Post_
_ Field Type: Text_

I’m adding a repeating group within a popup group to display the Comment.

Am I to search for “Current Post’s Comment” ?

Hello @belliott404

Your comment db:

  • Comment : Text
  • Post : Post database

When you create a new comment in the creation workflow set the fields like this:

  • Comment = input value
  • Post : This post

And when you search for the comments, create a filter to only show the comments of this post using the post = this post.


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