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i need help setting up comment section specific to a post. i have an issue setting up that all comments appear on wrong posts. can somebody take me step by step please? or give me a demo link ill appreciate that.

second thing is i created a like button which shows the number of people who liked a certain post but the issue is i want it to allow a user to only click on it once. again if a user clicks twice i want it to reverse the number instead of adding on it ?

many thanks

I quickly put together an example.
The comment functionality is very basic.
The like/unlike functionality is a little more complicated. Also there’s more than one way to do this. i’m doing it using states. It’s worth noting I made it so that you must be logged in to like/unlike a blog post.
I could explain it all. But I think it’s best to study this demo and duplicate its functionalities.

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thankyou so much it worked now i need to apply that to the comment icon as well

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