Help with social media comments section


Im trying to create a comments sections on a social media site. I want it to have a teitter style, like and reply feature.

Hey @justusharris21,

Welcome to Bubble. This is entirely possible, but it will require quite a bit of knowledge regarding how to structure your db.

You can set this up in a number of different ways, but you’ll likely want to have the following custom data types: “Comment”, “Reply”, “Post”, “Like”.

Inside of each of these data types, you’ll have a variety of fields. But the relationship between the different types would likely look something like this: Each “Post” could contain a “list of comments”. Each comment could contain a “list of replies” and “list of likes”, and each “Reply” could also contain a “list of likes”.

Hope this helps!

  • Jacob
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Hello! Thank you so much. Is there a way i can pay you to do it?

Hey @justusharris21

Sure, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile: I’ll send you a pm.