Commission payout on the timer and update on real time

Hi i have build a commission system, when every midnite 12 am it will count the commission of the company total sales and spilt to all the users that contribute, but it only update the data when the user login the account. how can we make it paid when time is up and paid to the users that make contribution.

Hey @kcwee3 :wave:

You would need to run a backend workflow so it will run without you needing to be on the page. The backend workflows are run on the server, not in the browser. Does that help? :man_shrugging:

oh yes i got it working using API workflow but it only can read the first person commission and it pay to all the people using the same formula how to make it pay according to the same formula but from the different results of their sales

this my workflow not sure is there anything wrong

this is the schedule API workflow that trigger the backend