Multiply data things creation in a backend

Hey everyone. I’m trying to do a backend workflow where I calculate a salary for each of my employee. For example, I have a couple of employees and different stores. I want to calculate the salary automatically and daily for each of my employee depends on how many hours the were in a specific store.
So it’s should be like:
Employee 1, Store 1 - 3 hours - $$
Employee 1, Store 2 - 2 hours - $$
Employee 2 Store 1 - 4 hours - $$
Employee 2 Store 3 - 4 hours - $$
I have a database where all stores visits are and I want to calculate a salary in the end of the day.

You just need to schedule a backend workflow on a list of things. Assuming all these are in the database other than the salary, it is not a hard calculation. Please check this resource: API workflows | Bubble Docs

Hi. Thanks for the respond. I don’t know why but I don’t see action “create a list of things”. It’s only make changes to a list… but I don’t understand how to create it